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HBI tuyển dụng vị trí Training superintendent



            Position Title             : IE Training Superintendent        

            Department               : Engineering

            Location                     : Phu Bai Plant, Hue city

            Pay Classification    : Non - Exempt


Report to:                 Engineering Manager



List of primary responsibilities/accountabilities:

-          Manage the basic training school curriculum and sew/pack training functions for direct labor employees.  In addition, the position supervises  a  team of instructors and set plans and goals for the department to assure that the instructors are well trained and prepared to teach the new employees the sewing basics, method, and quality specifications.  

-          The position is responsible to coordinate and implement an optimal training program for new employees and existing employees who move to new job positions in the sewing and packing operations. 

-          Review weekly the hiring plan with human resource and production management in order to prepare the Basic Training School (BTS) requirements.

-          Assure (BTS) activities and procedures are followed.  Review daily the progress with BTS instructors for each employee.

-          Participate in the weekly graduation process of the new employee in BTS.

-          Continually evaluate BTS program and effectiveness and make improvements when necessary.

-          Assure all process and procedures in the training function is properly documented and procedure are up to date.  Also, assure that the supervisor and instructors adhere to the procedures and process for training.

-          Work with training supervisor to assign instructors to new employees and also, evaluate with the instructor and supervisor the best position suited for each new employee after passing BTS.

-          Periodically create training programs for instructors to assure highest performance when instructing new or existing employees in new job positions.

-          Instruct/teach new instructors the AMT methodology (Analytical Method of Training)

-          Set and assign efficiency and productivity goals for all new employee and existing employee learning a new job.

-          Coordinate and control the distribution of training tools such as stopwatches, Checkmates, measuring tapes, scissors, clip boards, etc to instructors…

-          Participate with production management, human resource to determine if the employee under probation is to be permanent or not. 

-          Conduct weekly method audits and submit results and develop corrective actions if necessary.

-          Working in conjunction with planning and HR to develop hiring plan to include resources required of manpower, machines, material for next 6 weeks and next  3 months.

-          Manage production to ensure line balance and issues related  are resolved to achieve AMT efficiency build up and output target.

-          Management /control of Absenteeism and turnover of employees in AMT

-          Effective material usage control to meet usage standards. Comply with throw out procedure in AMT

-          Maintain WIP ( work in process) level in AMT established by plant management.

-           Manage lead time of cut works within target set up by management : 2 days

-          Work closely with QC team (IPI( Inprocess Inspector) and AQL(Allow Quality Level) to address all issues pertaining to quality

-           Review machine downtime report to evaluate impact on productivity

-          Revises and updates the balance and layout for production lines/teams to improve it more effectively and efficiently in the 5S and safety manner.

-          Compliance of HBI safety policy and procedure

-          Maintain a clean and organized sewing area (including equipment/sewing machines) to achieve 5S standard

-          Participate in safety and housekeeping audits

-          Recognize, encourage and motivate SMOs for good performance 

-          Conduct any other assignments/duties directed by the engineering and or facility manager.


Experience/Skills/Education Requirements

-          Bachelors’ degree in Industrial Engineering or related field

-          Experience: At least 2 years working in a manufacturing environment preferably in engineering. 

-          Good English Language skills

-          Good Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)

-          Strength in Passion for Achieving Results

-          Strength in Leadership and Management

-          Works effectively with others.

-          Knows how to sew


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